How DDN Works

Government assigns DDN

An official survey team will visit your residence/building and assign a DDN on an official sticker.

Activate your DDN

Fill out the above form to activate & use your DDN. You will receive a link to share your digital address.

Share your digital address

Share your DDN link with friends/family or anyone who is looking for your address.

Is your DDN sticker missing?

To receive your DDN
SMS ‹ Your Full Address ›
to 800 801 4567

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DDN ?

Digital Door Number (DDN) is a unique address for every dwelling, issued by the Berhampur Municipal Corporation.

How do I share my DDN

Once you activate your Digital Door Number, you will receive a link of your DDN. Share this link with family/friends or anyone who needs your address

What are the benefits?

Your Digital Door Number is linked to GPS which helps in finding and searching for addresses hassle-free.

Delivery Services

Emergency Services

Property Tax


DDN Activity

Weekend camps being conducted by Berhampur Municipal Corporation commissioner explaining the benefits of DDN to citizens to enable them to use during communication, navigation and emergencies.

Shri. Nikhil Pavan Kalyan
Berhampur Municipal Corporation
DDN is going to change the way BeMC looks at provisioning of services. An accurate enumeration is extremely helpful in decision making for welfare schemes, targeted and inclusive development programs and almost individual household focus.