How DDN Works

Government assigns DDN

An official survey team will visit your residence/building and assign a DDN on an official sticker.

Activate your DDN

Fill out the above form to activate & use your DDN. You will receive a link to share your digital address.

Share your digital address

Share your DDN link with friends/family or anyone who is looking for your address.

Is your DDN sticker missing?

To receive your temporary DDN sticker,
SMS < Your Full Address >
to 80083 59595

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DDN ?

Digital Door Number (DDN) is a unique address for every dwelling, issued by the New Delhi Municipal Council

How do I share my DDN

Once you activate your Digital Door Number, you will receive a link of your DDN. Share this link with family/friends or anyone who needs your address

What are the benefits?

Your Digital Door Number is linked to GPS which helps in finding and searching for addresses hassle-free.

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Emergency Services

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